Burdening past,
Freedom I want,
But I forgot,
the heavy load,
was carried by me,
And had to freedom
To drop it.

Oh! It seemed so easy,
Just drop the baggage,
And be free.

I hold it tight,
To throw it far,
But the holding itself,
Became the attachment.

It took long,
To realize the chains,
Until motivated,
I really threw it away.

Death arouse.
I felt empty,
And like a beggar,
As what I threw,
Seemed diamonds and golds.

I ran fast,
To took hold of it,
As without it,
Life seemed nothing.

Hold it tight,
Carried with pride,
But soon realized,
It’s not so bright,
Threw again,
Ran fast,
Carried again,
Repeated cycle,
Again and again.

Life seemed thrill,
In this game,
I was busy,
Again and again.

Frustrated, exhausted,
And full of guilt,
Of this childish game,
I choose to walk,
In darkness,
The path of death,
To die,
And be able to born,
Alive again.

~ Happy Krishna Janmashtami

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