I’m here because I felt like I’m in the path. I’ll keep you guys posted.

take care of your body and mind. Just ASK 🙂

I don’t feel like talking much but this won’t let me submit this post until I put 150 words but I don’t have those words.

okay I keep getting the same message so just let me put something on here about me. I’m a techie working in IT. Just here to learn more about myself.  I’m open to listening and learning. I think I was taking too much information in these days but never really processed anything on back of my head. I don’t want that anymore, just trying to process the information that I already have. I’m looking for guidance in controlling my thoughts.

I think that is all I have to say for now. Please let me know how your journey began with this guru. 
ironically I used to think all gurus are just playing mind games with people but I never knew human body has potential to spawn the universe within. Trying to understand if I’m meant to be here or just passing by.

thank you for listening to me 🙂