Sometimes I find myself stagnant. I wish there was an app like Black  Lotus to gauge my journey as well. I am neither a meditator, nor a sadhak, not even any bhakt or sevak. Just mere a flawed householder, who perhaps is not doing even this duty perfectly. 

Today is one such day. Rather this week is one such stagnant week. It feels as if I never walked the  path even an inch. 

Having no more  material / professional  goals to achieve, spiritual journey is my only path to walk on. 

A deep yearning that,  what if swamiji sometimes check  my, the  householder’s account also.  I  also need my answer sheet to be checked by my mentor.

I have this notion that the resident disciples who are in the Ashram must have this privilege of getting their journey watched and checked by Swamiji, if not often, once in a while at least.

One may say that Swamiji knows it all. I do understand.  Still…. What about this heart.    दिल तो बच्चा ही है, थोड़ा कच्चा ही है…Dil to bachcha hai na…. Thoda kachcha hai na…..

Just 2-3 minutes with Swamiji used to fuel my engine well for next phase of journey. Asking our foolish, but genuine,  questions directly while sitting in the temple hall, and Swamiji’s replying to it was such a support.

कहाँ गए वो दिन…..

Where has all that gone…..
When will that return….