As soon as i finished my graduation and professional sales diploma i was lucky to start earning enough to have a car tank full,buy 1 lipstick a month,buy 2 pair of suits a month for each office meeting aswell buy a pair of balleys every 4 months and eat a meal at mac Donald or madras cafe each day ! My parents never took a penny from me so all what i earned was a treat for me! Once married and a mother within an year i was a house wife now with bank balance just enough to get my struggling career wise husband’s car tyres changed and paying my mother inlaw s dentists charges.Every one who has been a professional knows the struggles of self employed in a new town all by themselves ,most of the meager they earn goes in ration,electricity, water ,telephone bills ,petrol and compulsary lic saving! Even paying for cable t.v. and basic parlour services is a struggle leave alone or anniversary celebrations especially if you are too upright to take any help from your parents! We as a couple with a child were is this situation first 6 years of marriage! The time when you want to romance,talk lovey dovey or hold hands and talk for hours we were struggling for basic ends to meet! Any ways hard work ,skills and Grace all paid and we were comfortable once our daughter was a first grader! So we could now weekly afford pizza party and also gift relatives 501 rs envelope now , but i think i never bought any clothes ,shoe ,watches or even a lipstick during the whole period and in this running around and chaotic mental state we never gifted each other a card too ! Once 10 years of marriage completed and now we were if not living luxurious but very comfortable life! One day on celebrations of my daughter s her class mates mom and my freind now Sheetal asked me ,why u wear old fashioned watch of citizen? She was not sarcastic but concerned, she said dont u ask your husband for gifting u something? I said he gives what ever he earns to me and i know we never have that cash to splurge on ,i feel shy to ask him some gift! As well i felt greedy and materialistic asking anything to him! She said unlessz u ask ,how will he know u need something? Dont keep sacrificing ,adjusting and compromising. She was not instigating me but being 10 years elder guiding me to atleast open my mouth within our means to ask for things ! I contemplated on this and after sometime after some good fees my husband received shyly asked him for a watch! He smiled and said sure ,..really u like watches? I never thought u need one! Sure i ll get u! 12 years back ordering online a click watch was as if going to Switzerland for honeymoon! Anyways I got a watch and at last my dam of keeping my needs broke too! I never trouble him for jewellery or trips but now that we r more than comfortable financially I do inform him when the tree of my desires needs water ,manure and sun light!