In your love, oh beloved
I have lost all that I have
Lost all, that is mine
Still I am searching
For what, can I set to free
That’s not worthy of being in me
Walking the valley of love
Peacefully, in awe
Suddenly, I find myself surrounded
With demons
Ten’s of demons of mind
Ten’s of demons of body
Demons that are befriended in beginning
Initially, a lot of fancy
Of seeing the beauty
But, their true nature
Trying to shadow, my being
I ran! I ran!
From those piercing arrows of demons
All I have is your love
Coursing through my being
It’s a sheath around
That lets no one harm the beauty, so beautiful
I jumped into the river of dark
Knowing not what to do
How to protect my being
From these scaring demons
Haunting like dark clouds
Covering the Sun
In this dark night
Where I am heading by jumping into the river
I wonder
Flowing with the river,
Is the only recourse, I find
But, to my surprise
I flow, I flow to you
It’s the divine abode of your bossom
I find myself cuddled in a calming hug
An embrace that’s dear to me
Pacifying my core
Hug, that is as divine as your being
All I want,
Is to remain there for eternity
You’re the charm of my life
Here on earth
Time is less,
Spending each moment to love you more
As if there is no more time left
To be in this being
Well, I love you more and more
Magnificent is you
Shining with the brilliance of thousand Suns
I embrace within
You, alone in my heart.
I say to you Lord, I love you.🤗❤️

Jai Sri Hari 🙏


Neelam Om