Today, February 10th, 2022, an important day unfolding.  My very sober daughter, dressed smartly, has just left for her job interview.  The day has come after clearing two rounds of written tests. And me, the ever confident woman of past, is a bit nervous today.

This is new for me.

I was made up of some special material when it comes to handling any situation demanding courage. Be it handling  my  job interviews of past, talking to strangers even now, or venturing into any unchartered territory. Even a  poor performance in exams never made me worrisome of anticipated poor result . Going in for some important financial transaction also was like any routine work, not evoking any fear, apprehension, confusion or nervousness.

All in all, I hardly remember having felt nervous. Now, things are changing.  And am simply wondering at these subtle changes in me.

Emotions have always been my weak point, the weakest part of my personality. But there seems a huge huge difference between getting emotional and getting nervous. Am I right? My only emotional relationship with my life partner made me pour out buckets full of tears. Those pure outbursts also are a thing of distant past now.  But Nervousness?   Not at all. It never ever entered into my system. Never.

But, now am changing. Today am a bit nervously emotional or emotionally nervous while my daughter is all set to face an interview board. 

Its not her first interview, still a first in many ways.  This time she is damn serious with her  career plans. She has prepared herself well and gone with an exceptional enthusiasm and positive energy.

So, a handful of warm wishes surely would help her feel cosy in this winter morning of Delhi.

I wish you all the best dear Sukriti. May MAA bless you with all success today.

      🌹🌹🌹 Jai Shri Hari🌹🌹🌹

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