Coming back from office with same routine problems and unfinished work as soon as i entered the lobby area of my house, i saw the chaotic environment by my kids. Who have no to deal with the father coming from office after a long day and  tidious work. Just busy in their televisions and mobile games. What the behaviour you expect from father ? All frustration of office and outside world are now being poured on these innocent children. They are scolded for everything from their behaviour to their studies to their living style etc..

The terrified children don’t know how to react or response. Just listening with their head down and inwardly rebellious, supress feelings that will come later in uglier ways.

Now just imagine you are at funeral pyre of your own. Watching all the people around you, some just crying some just in moan, some says your good qualities and some says your bad qualities in a slow voice. What i expect at that moment from my children? I would want them to visualised the victorial and loving  memories i spent with them. The moments of love and celebrations i enjoyed with them. The moment of hug and cheer up in their winnings, the moment when they feel upset and came to me to share their feelings and need assistance from myside.  I would want them to remind the pleasent and meaningful time i spent with them. 

But unluckily i was wrong. Because of my script i already written in my life with frustration and with empowerment towards them. I didn’t realise that they are children and soft flowers who need care with love and compassion and will bloom up with confidence and maturity  when the time has come for them. 


Oh thank God, i am still alive, i can RESCRIPT my self awareness, i can RESCRIPT my emotions and behaviour, i can RESCRIPT the values of my children, i can RESCRIPT the value of  myself as a role of loving father,

Because i love them. I love them as they are. I have to RESCRIPT….