I recently came across a gospel for day 258 and thought very appropriate as related to me. Here is an edited version that I thought is worth sharing.

“Looking around me, there are reasons to believe in the power of my problems and the problems of the world. But, I place my faith in miracles instead. There is no problem that love will not solve; my knowing this, attesting to this, and practicing this makes me a miracle-worker.

Thinking of one thing that seems to be an intractable problems and I place the light of Om Swami Ji around it. I use my mind to affirm that in Om Swami Ji all things are possible. I leave no room in my mind for doubt that this is so. With this refusal, I increase the possibility that a miracle will occur.

May I not be tempted to believe the testimony of my senses before the┬átestimony of Om Swami Ji. In any situation, may I remember the possibility of infinite possibility. May my mind thus be a conduit of miracles, as I have faith that they exist in Om Swami Ji in unlimited supply”

Hari Om, Hare Krishna!