How did you come to know of swamiji ?? i realize is the most commonly asked question when I meet

someone in the ashram and in turn have asked this myself too. This reminded me of an anectode i

heard in a talk by Satyanarayan das babaji …

There was once a very skilled robber and was teaching his son the tricks of the trade . He said son

whatever you do ……DO NOT  EVER LISTEN  TO ANY SADHU .The father grew old and the son took up the

trade and became very skilled at it never getting caught. Once while passing by a crowd gathered

around a sadhu he happened to overhear him telling that the trademark of a divine person as

Opposed to a human being is that their feet do not touch the ground and secondly their  bodies do not

cast a shadow.

Some time later there was a big heist in the village and the police officer was determined to catch the

Culprit.. He was sure tbat it could be none other than the young robber ….so he interrogated him thoroughly

but of no avail …….He was aware of the robbers habit of offering his bounty to the village temple 🛕

unfailingly each time . The officer came up with this idea of dressing as the temple diety and visited

him in the night …….confronted him saying since you have not yet offered me your bounty this time

I have personally come to you . The robber was taken aback and just then he remembered the sadhus

words … he noticed how this dietys feet were touching the ground and was casting a shadow as well.

Needless to say the officers failed in extracting any information or booty from him .

The robber realised how powerful the sadhus words were and decided to abandon his ways and joined the sadhu and started his spiritual journey.

This anectode comes to my mind when i recall my journey …….I MADE THE SWEET MISTAKE 🥰 OF READING IF TRUTH BE TOLD BY OM SWAMI

and am sure that its the same with so many of us.



Thank you for reading  this 🙏