In our shastras it is said that we should give ten percent of whatever money we have to charity. There are so many out there who are poor, hungry and worst of all suffering from unimaginably painful diseases.

Life is hard for everyone but for some it is an abyss. It is our moral duty and obligation to help the needy, the sick and the poor. I will ask anyone who is reading this to try and save ten percent of your earnings or your pocket money and save it for charity and donate it to the right person at the right time.

And truly, as our Swamiji says, whatever we give to others comes back to us tenfold in one form or the other. Having conveyed that, I know it is not always easy and convenient to save ten percent. So, you can start small. Even a drop counts to the thirsty.

I have saved some money from my osme earnings to donate to charity. But, as Swamiji warns we should be aware of where to donate and to whom. Generally, when I see some beggars on the street I give them some rupees or if I can, I buy them food. Giving them too much money, especially if they are able and healthy is also not good because they may use it for wrong purposes like smoking or liquor.

I want to donate the money I have saved from osme to some cause, or someone who is really suffering in some way. But I do not meet such people in the streets. I even search for them during my commute, to find an opportunity to help. But Bhagwan hasn’t given me many such opportunities yet or I have not been able to recognize them.

Also, I came across medical crowdfunding websites and wished to donate there, but when I checked more about them on google, I became skeptical as there is no way to verify if they are fraud or not. I want to donate whatever small amount of money I have for some good cause. Can you suggest someplace, some website, or someone to whom I can donate?