I was always an empathetic kid, and I was as innocent as young children intrinsically are. I was naturally kind and would plunge at any opportunity to be kind. I do not deny I had ill traits as well.

I used to love helping a living thing in whatever way I could. I used to feed dogs as a result. Once some little puppies came to our doorstep and I quickly told Ma, at home, that they must be hungry and we should give them something.

Ma gave me some food and I rejoiced at getting an opportunity to feed the pups. I fed them and I was happy.  If I am rightly remembering, they thus, started coming regularly to my doorstep. 

But then someone told me (from my family or the neighbors I do not remember who) that I should not give them food at my doorstep because then the little creatures would frequent this place.

One day, when these pups again came to my gate, one of my neighbors got irritated and beat them with a stick. They cried and wailed and went away. I was aghast and this left a very bad impression on me.

But, when I look back, what is more unfortunate is the statement which was said to me that if we feed them, they will keep coming back to our doorstep. It left a deep impression on me and I presume that I had somewhere started following this later in life.

For years, I remained ignorant to the fact that I was being unkind to the poor souls by trying to avoid their arrival at my doorstep(home). I think for years I took it as a bother to regularly feed strays. Once in a blue moon was what I thought was right.

But today, I am a different man born again in this regard. I have always felt for the needy and backed the underdog but now I am more aware of the needs of these poor stray animals be it a cow, dog, cat, or even an ant( I try not to step on them).

I have become God’s medium to be kind to any living being who needs me. It is all His grace. I feel happy when I am kind.