O kind lord
of time and space
infinite are your reflections
in moments past
and unfolding
I’ve felt your presence

From where you appear
and to where you disappear
there’s no rationale to it
on the slope of time
there’s a tiny bend
perhaps in there you live

In a quaint place
a carefree stream
a clear heart
a gentle waterfall
I’ve heard you once or twice
above the petty din of thoughts

O sweet saviour
of this ungrateful world
unworthy as we are
You’ve only ever showered love
I wonder what would happen
If you didn’t do your job

Sometimes it scares me
what if you never came
and nothing ever changed
If you didn’t exist
how would we ever know
what love really is

I wish I could tell you
face to face
child to God
a bhakta to Bhagwan
how beautiful is this life
for you are in it

Such joy exists in your creation
in your dhyana
in your japa
why even the scriptures are intoxicated
with each word each verse
your glories crowd the pages

O beautiful masterful Bhagwan
You are my dhyana
my gyana
nothing lies outside of you
this world has no existence
if I can’t see you