Today as I woke up at 5:30 am, hardly slept for over three hours as this had become my usual routine. Hi, I’m Neha a new Mom to be all six months pregnant. Baby Karan/Kavitha (sex determination is illegal in India You see-so I’m happy with either) kicking away furiously thus my last hopes of any tiny naps also dashed to the ground with a big Thud. So went on to start my day.

Necessities having done, Looked at the phone-what 12 missed calls from Raghu, My immediate boss at work. So-called him terrified of what /how/where my mistakes might have been. Alas, my phone died, and had to rush to charge it. Meanwhile Doorbell rings, I heave a sigh of relief. It must be the Padma, my maid. As I lovingly rush to the door and see-Its Amit her elder son; Didi amma has to rush immediately to the village as someone died the last night.Phone idhar hi bhool gayi.Teen din tak nahi aayegi-And then he ran away.

What was I dreaming? No sleep 6 months pregnant! Boss called! And now the Padma is on leave-God are you seriously going to penalize me anymore??? Thinking so went to make myself a cup of milk. And lo remembered today was that day-Oh it was my birthday today and I had taken off as me and Arbind my hubby had planned for a day out. But God had other plans -Boss/Maid and lots of work as birthday gifts were enough. No sooner than I had wished-There was a power outage -A security guard came running-Madam Pura wire  Jal Gaya hai-Sham take hi power aayega-Generator bhi kaam nahi kar Raha hai. 

PS-no sooner than i wrote this my maid actually called to ask for a leave-Now call this character coming to life or a story imitating life.