As part of the group writing project, today I’m sharing three of childhood stories, read till the end and be ready for some laughter:)

Story #1

Sometimes we wonder “What the heck was I thinking?!” especially when it comes to school memories.

I was only around 9-10 years old, and I remember that day very clearly. As it was the norm for every school kid at the time, we had to stay back for tuitions, with the same boring teacher. Although I wasn’t exactly the most rebellious kid, I had my moments. And now that I’m writing this post, it’s clear that my eating habits have always been quite unusual.
That afternoon, as the tuition began, my classmate and I had our snacks ready. I think most children think they are the smartest kid on the block, so did we. It was forbidden to eat in class, but could he really stop us?! Na. So, we began, with our lunch bags set right in front of the table, head bent slightly, we dug into our snacks, chit chatting to each other while the teacher explained his boring Maths theorems.
We were most confident that he had no idea about our secret mission. Ignorance is bliss as they say! Next thing we know, he is standing right next to us slamming our bag away:
“Get out of my class! Right now!!!!!!”
Jeez! Take a chill pill dude! Off we went, and I’ve never been happier to be sent out of the class. My friend and I had quite a good time outside – no tuition, no homework, just chilling, but I admit, I missed my snacks, wish I had slipped some into my pockets:)

Story # 2

Not all memories are so dramatic though, some are most hilarious, especially when we are simply the witness. Back in secondary school, I’d be a backbencher. A cool one, who would obey rules, but not when it came to fashion. I’d break the uniform rules once in a while and get sent to the principal’s office to get my report book signed. The four of us sitting at the back of the classroom were quite a handful, especially my friend Mika. She would always have the giggles. And that afternoon, as usual she started giggling in her chitchat with her neighbour, we all turned around to look at her as the teacher scolded her, when suddenly “BAM!”
All of us, 14-year-old girls, squealed together:


Confused as hell, our little brains went through a myriad of thoughts within 10 seconds!

As we looked around there was dust all around and other teachers were in our class!
Where the heck did they appear from!? Hein?!! Why are there bricks?!
And why were they rubbing their legs and arms in pain????

We all looked up. Holy Cow!!!! The ceiling was broken. There was a huge hole in it! The staff room was right above our class, and the structure was too old to hold the weight of a staff room, filled with overweight and angry adults. Part of the ceiling just gave in, and broke. Three teachers just fell right into our lap, not literally though. Some teachers were huge and thankfully two fell on the cushiony chairs. Others managed to hold on or avoid the fall. Yup! It rained teachers that day!

We were all evacuated, and Mika was in absolute fits! In fact, when the ambulance came to the aid of the teachers, they also had to attend to Mika with inhalers. For, if laughter is good for health, but it can be hazardous too.  Mika oh Mika! Thankfully no one was badly injured, other than some sprained wrists and injured legs, but the unusual memory remained till date! And the bonus is that we had a whole week off! 

Oh and just as we’re in that year, that’s also the year where I accidentally spilled a mouthful of water onto my teacher. Gross, yeah! But someone made me laugh! So, next time you see me drinking something, don’t make me laugh please. Warned ya!

Story #3

Once, when I was during my pre-registration training to be a professional, I wanted some time off. I closed my eyes and wished for all patients to be cancelled! I just didn’t want to work.
It was 4pm. I prayed for the last patient to be cancelled, but they just weren’t calling to cancel! Come on God! Listen to me. My belief in the LOA (Law of Attraction) was in full swing back then. So, as the clock ticked 4.05pm and the previous patient was leaving, he closed the door behind him. It was a glass door.
As I looked up, I saw the door falling in slow motion. I ran towards the door, superman-style to hold it midway – like a boss! I would grab it and put it back – that huge door.
But as it fell, I realised that it wasn’t slow motion at all, and I was an inch away from having a door smashed onto my little head. I jumped aside and kept watching the door which shattered into pieces on the floor!

What the heck just happened here!? My boss ran, I talked to myself: Wow Girl! Ask and ye shall receive.
The door shattered, all patients were cancelled, the practice closed for a whole week, and I had time off – no patients, no work.
LOA works!!! Whether it’s for the best or the worst!

P.S: Above there are two truths and one imaginary story! Go figure;)