Any idea where we are, why and for what? Answers and presumption of the majority may not be true including the current scientific truths which are themselves fragile and are altered with availability  of more data.

I am neither an Astrophysicist nor a scientist. So, this post is not about the scientific aspect of space – time but the spiritual aspect of it. To know about the scientific aspect you can click here. If I am not wrong, our ancient spiritual aspects of space – time is more scientific than modern science. Why so?modern science needs proof for the analytical and skeptical scientist to validate and approve, whereas spiritual facts and methods allow the practitioner to experience it first hand but he or she may not be able to prove it’s existence to others.

In south Indian shaivite (followers of Lord Shiva) tradition, four saint poet’s are considered foremost and exemplary. Each of them composed minimum 5000 songs in classical Tamil on Lord Shiva. They are Appar, Sundarar, Manicka vasagar & Thiru gnana sambandar. One among  them is Sundarar – Sundara moorthy Nayanar. His Life story is very interesting.

Legend has it, once in the abode of Kailasha, it was time for the worship of Lord Shiva. Women and men  were gathering  flowers in the garden for the worship. One of such young man,  as he collected flowers, his eyes fell on a damsel & smitten by her beauty for a kshana (microsecond)  desire arose in him about her.

 What happens within Maya doesn’t go unnoticed, what can be said within Kailasha. Just like Swamiji who knows everything that happens within Badrika ashram and elsewhere too, during the  worship of Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati, the young man was summoned and Lord Shiva says, ‘A desire has arose in you regarding love, so you have to go to bhu – loka, be born as a man and experience love, only then can you gain access back to Kailasha’. The young man shudders and in a choked tone says, ‘ Oh! madhav, be it anything but don’t send me to bhuloka for it is the whirlpool of samsara and no one returns from it, for the desires  exponentially increase and not vice versa. There’s no way I can get back to Kailasha’. Lord Shiva replies, ‘ You need not worry, at the right time we will intervene and bring you back, we assure you of that’.

This young man was born in south India in 8th century CE as Sundara Moorthy Nayanar, becomes the King’s poet, gets married twice and visits all the shiv temples within south India composing songs in classical Tamil, more than 5000 in numbers. Towards the end, Legend has it that Lord shiva and Maa Parvati along with Indra came to take him back to Kailasha having seated him in Indra’s Airavata. Most of his poems are still preserved and sung during worship in Shiva temples.

Lools like, the wheel of samsara is an infinite loop with a mind of it’s own. Only thing is, if you get in, you are stuck in a loop unable to get out unless intervened by a higher being. 

Swami Vivekananda after initiating a disciple tells him, ‘ I give you my word, no matter whichever hell you may land up , I will find you!🤩’ All initiated ians it’s  time to dance, come on😀. 

Remember Morpheus in Matrix asking Neo to take the red pill, which is a tracer to find someone who gets out of matrix! 🤨 Maybe, initiation is the red pill to trace a soul as it exits the infinite loop of space time continuum.

Does this story sound believable? Well, if not allow me to confuse you a little more😌

The other saint among the four, Sambandar lived only till 16 yrs of age in 7th century CE. A child prodigy that he was, composed 16,000 hymns 😮 in classical Tamil literature. Legend has it, at the age of 16 with his wife and his ardent followers, he entered a fire in the shrine singing the name of Shiva and reached Kailasha. Well do you think it was a physical fire element. I doubt it. It could be a time loop portal/ worm hole through which one enters other higher realms. 

 Getting uncomfortable?😉 Let’s  get a little deeper.

The secret Golden Chariot:

In Mahabharata, Arjuna visits Lord Indra in a golden chariot. ‘What seems to be stars or constellation are actually planets with life on it’ so writes Kisari Mohan Ganguly in his english translation of the  Mahabharata. Is there any mention of this golden chariot in recent literature? 🤔

Voila! 😀Yes there is!

1. In 19th century, Sri Ramakrishna says, ‘ I did not visit his funeral physically but in astral body I was there, he was taken to shakthi loka in a golden chariot for he has carried out Mother Divine’s work’.

2. In 20th century, there lived in Thiruvanamalai, Seshadri Swami, a Sri vidya practitioner during the time of Ramana Maharishi. When a mylapore tailor abruptly left his job and landed in Thiruvannamalai to meditate in gutter and garbage for decades. When he breathed his last, it is recorded that Seshadri Swami said, ‘ there goes the tailor in a golden chariot to Kailasha’, but no one else could witness it.

3. In Sai Satcharitha,  english edition – chapter 50, page 255 – “we close this account with the mention of one fact only. Baba had comforted him by saying that in the end ‘He will take him in air coach (Viman)”.  The air coach could very well be the golden chariot, isn’t 🤗?

4. In 21st century, Om Swami has told in his youtube videos that he has been to chintamani griha, Kailasha and Vaikunta💪. How and when, we’ll  never know.  

Om Swami in one of the retreat said, ” An Avatar is one, who can get in and get out of Life (Space time continuum) at his/her own will”. Every saint is uncompromising when it comes to basics of sadhana, why? Because, as an initiate one might get an exit ticket out of Samsara but how long can one stay beyond samsara might depend on the spiritual merit and purity of the mind which the sadhak has developed and consistently maintained during the journey of life.

Puranas & Einstein’s theory of relativity:

Have you watched the Interstellar movie? How half hour spent in a water planet is equal to 51 yrs in earth! Science accepts these above fact but why can’t  it accept the spiritual facts, it’s outrightly hilarious😂.

There’s a mention in Puranas similar to Interstellar movie, about Jaganath puri temple. The king of puri once desirous to build a temple goes to Brahma loka to invite Lord Brahma. But he had to wait for half hour. He proposes about the temple to Lord Brahma and he inturn replies, ‘ Half hour in Brahma loka is millions of years in your world, your kingdom and subjects are  no more’ and sends him back.

Looks like the scientist are just too scared to acknowledge  the spiritual facts for they’ll be labelled as religious fanatics🥶. A spiritual rationalist is far better off than a dogmatic scientific fanatic🤭. This spiritual space time continuum proves just that.

whether  scientific space -time continuum is an illusion or spiritual space -time continuum is, only experience through meditation and initiation will tell us. 

So, there is only one way I can see this, we are here only to sing and dance and of course to  live, laugh, love  & give! 

So, let’s sing & dance in love & light of the divine!😃

Jai Maa!