Hello everyone.

My name is Saanya and iam new here. 

Soooo I really kinda overthinked about this introduction thing and now I don’t even know from where I should start😅 hmmmm…. 

Let me tell you little bit about myself. Iam Saanya from shimla and iam the most weird, boring, dumb/stupid, lazy, foodie, and annoying person you will ever meet.(yes I’m seriously those things). 

I like to read novels , watch series, travel, listening music, overthinking and exploring things. I also like to do dumb/idiotic stuffs(basically it just happens to me). 

Iam a average person. Iam clumsy, the most extrovert and introvert person you will ever meet(depending upon mood). And iam moody too😅(was kinda obvious now) 

Iam soo many things and I am yet discovering/exploring myself. And Iam not good with writing stuff and my writing skill is too poor, soo please bear with meeee. 

  Soo I will be sharing my life and weekly stuffs with you guys. Its Not soo interesting but not soo boring either. 

I know I will learn so many things from you people. And iam ready for it. Hope my posts can help you or make you smile. 

And That’s all from my side, will catch you guys on my next post. And i have no clue when It will be. 

But untill then 

Bye bye.  And take care 

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