1. This scribble is my translation of the Poem  penned in Hindi Title माँ, मै भी तो आपकी हूँ by Respected Sushree Nishitha Om ji 

2. Please accept my  gratitude towards your Greater Cause, while translation I fell in Ecstasy of Joy and tears  on reading between the lines of your composition, Sushreeji.  

 Some words couldn’t be translated word for word due to my limited knowledge, understanding of Your Bhava, Sushreeji, Please forgive my Ignorance.

Kuputro Jaayeta Kvacid-Api Kumaataa Na Bhavati”.

Glories to OM Swamiji. 🙏🌸🌸

They say  MOTHER is Omniscient ,
SHE  deciphers everything and Comprehends  without Words! 

If that is , Do YOU read the core of my consciousness too?

Do  YOU unveil  the apprehensions deeply submerged in the depths of my the Cognition too?

Because, O Maa! You are my Mother. 

Maa, Sometimes, YOUR daughter feels  alone in this  Samsara, 
Sometimes, She feels Worn out of  rambling! 
She feels petrified, Sometimes! 
Maa, Could she cradle herself  on THE  lap of  YOUR Eternal Warmth? 

Because, O Maa! You are her  Mother. 

Maa, It appears, YOUR twigs of  compassion sprouts in me as well,
I also feel YOUR realm of  Everlasting joy and  Esctacy. 

Often, I contemplate ,I instrospect! 

Maa, does this  inquisitiveness  will ever lead to discover  the Gentleness  of YOUR hold ?
Because, O Maa! You are my  Mother,  

They say A Mother Embraces her  child who is even swaddled  in mud ,
What if, Maa  I am  also swaddled in the Garments of Vikaras, 
Now, My hands high up soar in the wind of hope,

Could I  also get abounding grace  of YOUR embrace? 

Because, O Maa! You are my  Mother.

Happiness of a  million  Cosmos is embellished in YOUR  Smile,

Springs of  love streams with YOUR everlasting Smile!

Please never turn away from me, Maa 

Because, O Maa!  you  are my  Mother. 

Maa, Neither I understand the art of living , 
Nor  I have an eloquence of speech, 

Still, I desire YOUR  umpteen  acceptance AND  bliss! 

Could YOU Accept me as I am ?

Maa, Could YOU bestow nectar of  love on me too ? 

Because, Maa You are my  Mother.

YOUR  divinity is ubiquitous,  YOUR  glories transcendent! Undifferentiated! 
Maa, my Deep Obeisance at YOUR lotus feet, 
May I  please be bestowed YOUR divine blessings, 
O Divine Mother make me One with YOU,

Make me One with YOU!

Because, Because O Maa!  I am your daughter.  

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