The summer heat is rising everyday. The weather reports of my area according to google is: “34°C (feels like 44°C)”. The humidity is killing us. Thank God for ACs and fans that we’ve not melted like an ice cream.

A few days ago we had one of the most horrible power cuts in a while. It was around 5:45 pm when the lights in my room started flickering like crazy, as if straight out of a horror movie. The ac in my room was turning on and off so fast that the remote wasn’t working. I jumped out of my bed and turned off the ac from the main switch board (can’t afford to have my ac break down in this heat!). And then the power went out! I instantly knew that the power was not coming back on anytime soon judging by the dramatic exit it made. 

I went out of my room and saw my mother making our evening snacks. I asked her what she was making. She told me, she was wondering whether to make something or go to the mall (which is 15 min away from our home) and have something there since the power is out. I instantly brightened up but then I remembered, and said,”What about Nimki?” . Nimki is my pet dog and dogs aren’t allowed in that mall. So our plan was scrapped. I had my evening snack, took a mat and went straight to the terrace with my dog. After a while my younger brother joined me as well. Thankfully the weather had cooled down in the evening and gentle breeze was blowing in the terrace which was enough to not make us sweat. I spent my evening in a rather fun way, playing with my dog and listening to music. And I thought to myself , Huh! Powercuts once in a while aren’t all that bad. Little did I know how untrue that was. 

At night, at around 11:30 pm we had our dinner and went to bed. The mosquitoes and the humidity coupled with 0 breeze inside my room did not make the situation ideal for sleeping. I was dozing off every once in a while and then some mosquitoe would bite me and I would be wide awake again. I was really missing electricity. Thank God my phone hadn’t run out of charge. I had something to do for my entertainment. 

Finally at around 3:30 or 4am the power came back on again and I understood that life without electricity isn’t easy at all. Most of our daily use items are electrically operated and without electricity I might as well go live in a cave.

I would like to end this blog here. Thank you for reading this post and giving me your precious time. See you soon 😊!