I praise my self….

I pat myself…..

I care for my SELF…


if not me, who will !!!

If not me, why others will !!!

Am so fortunate to have learnt by heart this very powerful lesson in my last year.

In fact, os.me is that platform which is working wonders. Its that mirror which reflects so well. Its that place which nourishes my inner self. Its that one and only platform which kept me glued to it throughout my year gone by.

Am completing 56 years of my this birth today and celebrating in a way most joyous for me, at a place I love to visit most, with the people I have been in touch with for most of the year gone by. 😊

And I got the best of best gifts today. My daughters have genuinely wished me and conveyed their pure sentiments. It may be hard for some to believe that I had never felt this warmth before. Its my first birthday today when I feel that yes, my daughters love is real. You know why? Just because all these years I had never felt them as my TOP MOST PRIORITY and MY PURPOSE OF LIVING.

All these years I was more of a self-indulgent types (mentally), not having that mindful attitude to understand things/life from other’s point of view. That deep motherly attitude was actually missing in me. As I started to understand it and applied it, my daughters have started to reciprocate. Today I got a confirmation of this when my elder one said, “mumma I mean what I say today. Whatever is written in my Whattsap card is REAL. You ARE that tree which keeps me under its soothing shade😊. (See the card above).


This completes me.

Who needs these matetial gift. That’s not my cup of tea. 😇. Today I am richer with wealth beyond counting..

Am very happily celebrating my day today, in my own unique way.

A sincere thanks for being in my life, my dear os.me group. ❤❤


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