I looked for you when I was at my most vulnerable, but you were nowhere to be found.

I called out to you during my prayers, but you did not respond.

I asked for strength when I was experiencing fear, but I felt like you gave me none.

But, miraculously, this did not dim my faith in you, and I kept looking for you.


When I think back on how I perceived everything in the past ( as I described above) , I realised how naive it was of me to fail to recognise that you, my divine lord, you were there for me in all my vulnerable moments, whether it was through people who tried to help me or reassured me that everything would be fine. You must have heard all my prayers, but you knew and did what was best for me , even if at that time I didn’t agree.

Through this short post I wanted to illustrate that we should not allow our faith to be shaken when we face adversity. With time and spiritual knowledge, we learn that He sees the bigger picture for us and, as a result, always acts in our best interests.