Why do I profess and practise vegetarianism?

I have plausible reasons for opting vegetarianism.

(a) I’m a writer. Writers are usually tender-hearted. It’s really traumatic for a creative person to see others in distress. It’s against my grain to even think of “murdering” other beings for short–lived sense gratification.

It is a misplaced notion that meat is inherently delicious.
Can you eat raw flesh?
It is only by adding vegetarian items like spices, onion, oil and herbs can the carcass be made palatable!

(b) Being a staunch believer in rebirth, I opine that every living being has the right to perform good “karmas” or deeds so that it can upgrade itself to higher form of life.
A tree can promote itself to an insect, an insect to an animal, an animal to a human being, a human being can merge itself with “Paramatma”.
By killing, we deprive the living being an opportunity to elevate itself to higher form of life. This definitely is the highest sin that can ever be committed.

(c) I personally believe that at the time of slaughtering, an animal undergoes such negative emotions as fear, helplessness and anger. Various poisonous juices thus secreted by organs and systems surely make the meat “toxic” for human consumption.
No wonder meat eaters are generally hypertensive and more prone to deadly diseases like cancer.

~ Sanjay Gargish ~

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