When you live in the heart of God how does God communicate with you?

He guides you to get what he wants.

I have an extremely loving relationship with my God. It might sound crazy but I actually talk with God. 

I never talked about this as a child or as an adolescent because you are considered completely overboard and mad in Western society. 

In India it’s a different ball game. You are accepted and considered above the ordinary. But still I chose not to reveal this secret of mine. I wished to avoid arguments. Too much chaos. I have always chosen clarity. 

I am not a pious soul and I don’t follow any rites or rituals but I keep my ears open when God speaks.

As all of you are aware the 1st of July was Rath Yatra. I was going about my day the usual way when I looked at an old tattered picture of Sri Jagannath on the pedestal where my mother keeps all her Gods and Goddesses.

She hasn’t been praying to anybody since the COVID situation so I have been praying for her.

But I have never prayed to Sri Jagannath separately.

My father prayed to Goddess Kali till he died. My mother prayed to Lakshmi Narayan till she was capable to offer her prayers. 

I didn’t know who to follow so I chose not to follow any. I have believed that there is an existence of a Higher Consciousness and I had faith in it and still do.

I looked at the picture of Sri Jagannath and I knew. 

I asked: “You want me to cook for you, right? You want homemade bhog is it so?”

I thought the picture smiled. 

So I went out and bought some flowers and some sweets.

I offered my God, Sri Jagannath one bowl of khichdi, one bowl of fruits and sweets.

I lighted a diya and some incense sticks. I don’t know any mantras. So I said to my God, “I am always at your service.”

I think my talks with God began with my trek to Badrinath in 2016 and it continues.

My God doesn’t live in my heart. It is otherwise. It is I who live in the heart of God and my God is able to ask me of my service.