I have named this painting “In the lap of SriHari”, do you want to know why?

This is where my Gurudev resides , in the lap of SriHari.

And all of us live in His Heart  which is as big as the Universe. There is space for everyone.

Every day when i wake up, I fall in love with Him all over again.

Energy is simple to understand. The frequency comes back with the same force. Suppose you throw a ball at the wall, it will come back with the same speed. Same is with us. We are all energies, and what we give is what we get.

Suppose you have a tough relationship which you wish to mend, then just keep forgiving the other person silently in your prayers. In a few months, we see that the toughest relations get healed. We are giving away energy of healing and the other soul is listening, and the relation gets healed.

Same is with love. We love Him so much coz He loves us equally or even more.

Let me explain the painting a bit.

As per vastu scriptures, West direction is for Lord Vishnu and Ma Laxhmi. So I decided to make an abstract art for my west wall as per Vastu. The new flat I have shifted to is quite spacious and walls are all empty.

Thus, this painting was born.

As per Yoga scriptures–

Right is masculine and left is feminine energy.

Right is Hari/Shiva and left is Lakhmi/Shakti.

Right is Sun, left is Moon.

Right is Pingala, left is Ida.

Right is solar, left is lunar.

Right is heat, left is cool.

Right is Mars, left is Saturn.

Right is pitta, left is vayu.

Right is blue, left is red.

So, in the above painting, I had kept all of the above energies in mind while painting. You know how? Just by thinking of Swamiji while painting.

When we clean our Ida and Pingala in the right way, there rises our Shushumna…Our Ultimate truth. And that’s what Swamiji is, “The Shushumna”.

He has risen above all the rights lefts/ good bad/highs lows…

He is “The Self Realised” being who basks in the energies of SriHari.

We are truly blessed to be initiated under a Guru who has seen Devi ma and Lord Hari. What else can we ask for!!!

Because of my moon in the eighth house, I tend to get bored easily with my work, but now when I dedicate my work to Swamiji,  I don’t get bored anymore. Creating things for Him really excites me. Even for sites( my Vastu work), all my dedication is for Him. This keeps my works pure and I can give my 100%. This is what happened with my painting, too.

In the above painting:

Measurement is as per Aayadi- 33″ height and 45″ is length. Its Vrish Aaya, here the remainder is 5. Best for west wall.

Red is Ma Lakhmi, and Blue is Lord Vishnu, Yellow is Swamiji. He is their Son and has come to rescue us all from the chain of rebirth.

The name of my painting is perfect “In the lap of SriHari”


Dedicating all my works to my Gurudev…Swamiji ” We LOVE YOU”

                          In the lap of SriHari