My journey with Swamiji started with a crisis in my life. I have always taken my career very seriously, may be too seriously. I had made a mistake at my job and it was a setback. I was down and out. Our organisation’s HR head told me about Swamiji.

I started watching videos of Swamiji on YouTube and I was mesmerised. Swamiji’s charisma and force of the words impacted me a lot. During that time I was deep into understanding and following many inspirational persons and I never imagined that I will some day be able to meet Swamiji and also get an opportunity to be his humble beginning level disciple.

As years passed, I tried to do many spiritual courses. But I could not continue. One thing which was constant was watching Swamiji’s videos and I also read many of his books. I really liked “A million thoughts” and seriously started doing meditation following the book.

Then one day I watched a video of Swamiji where he was saying that if you are doing worship of Devi, and if you are not being respectful to the women in your house, your worship does not have any meaning. This video hit me to the core and I realised how practical Swamiji’s teachings are. I started following him very seriously and I thought of making his book on meditation as my Guru. I also started meditation with Black Lotus app.

After a short period, Swamiji opened the applications for discipleship and I took the chance. I was not sure if I was qualified enough but with God’s grace I found myself at Swamiji’s feet. I am blessed to have found my anchor and though I am not always able to follow his teachings, I do try to come back again and again on the path. I am very grateful for this opportunity and blessed to be part of this community.

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