O Compassionate one…You are the calm
that pervades my being
the selfless lamp
that burns all afflictions

You are a temple
refuge to the lost souls
the sacred vermillion
the holy sandalwood

Small is the universe
in the presence of the One
such as You
You dwarf the sun and the moon

Ancient is the consciousness
that speaks through You
Your abode in the milky ocean
is man’s liberation

Oh Lord the vastness of your scale
reduces ashes to nothingness
You are the deliverance
promised in the scriptures

Your kindness awakens
the saint in a sinner
Tall you stand shielding
me from the cycle of karma

In no life can I ever be worthy
of your grace
it flows unimpeded
from the radiance of your forehead

In your honour O kind master
of three worlds
I murmur these words
Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu

From You I’ve learnt
to get up and run
to pick someone up
to run together

Oh Lord your virtues
bedazzle me
like saplings they grow
in this barren heart

See how the earth trembles
where ever You go
it has waited too long
for You to descend

In the heart of a devotee
there’s place for no one else
for she alone knows
the extent of your mercy

In your sweet gentle ways
I see I know
I must be bigger
bigger than my flaws

dear Lord this a offering
for beginnings new
so that this little mind
may shine like You

Nothing more I ask
but to be in your remembrance
sing in your honour
a hundred thousand odes

O Bhagwan all mighty
please release this beggar child
from the prison of her making
and make me yours for all times to come

You are the creator
the divine Mother
who gracefully walks the earth
O auspicious Narayan when will I see You

As the seven seas
fill with water
Your love O sweet Vishnu
sustains the earth

Such thankfulness arises
in my heart
in your worship
is the bliss promised in the scriptures

I pray to you
for new beginnings
a saintly way of living
a simplicity of heart…a diamond such as yours

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