Habit is a double edged sword. It can be the most marvelous of blessings or the worst of curses within the same person. Since our childhoods we do innocent stuffs; simple pranks, building beautiful castles in the air, Cartoon Network, eating snacks and sweets. What a wonderful time childhood was! 

Remember going with that friend to the school canteen? You wanted to eat something, for example, fried rice, but your friend wanted to eat noodles. So you go with noodles. Next time you go and you want to eat something, but your friend orders something else again and you still go along with your friend’s choice. This scenario repeats itself over and over again. After school you want to go straight home, but yield to your friend’s obstinance of going maybe here or there. Your free will is getting stifled many times over and you’re allowing it to happen.

to be continued..

Photo Credits: Unsplash 

🥺Hari Om🥺