Who doesn’t become poetic on a rainy day . 

So here is an attempt to cook up a poem .

” Everybody wants and nobody wants pain

But you can’t have arainbow without a little rain”

Zion Lee

Life happens to everyone

It is happening here and now

Sun has lifted the dark veil of monsoon clouds with a little shine

I caught the Silver drops dangling from the Crape Jasmine on my camera

Yellow leaves hiding among the lush green Betal creeper is telling me of neglect

The Golden Champa blossomed in the backyard

A gift from Mother Nature

The mild fragrance inviting hungry bees who are always on a treasure hunt

Today I am infatuated with Truth

Truth is the path to freedom

Truth is the happiness elixir

I am still holding on to my lies

Fearing the unknown

Whenever fear strikes I dial Mother

‘’ Hush up’’

She said ‘’ Do it quietly if you want

 Else you will wake up the sleeping monster Kumbhakarna

 Instead, take out Ahilya’s chapter and read it silently ‘’

A mother’s war-torn voice

It wasn’t that sweet

It had hope and faith 

I keep the phone down!

Mother is always right!