Planet Earth was created for man, in accordance with his nature, to try to overcome illusory notions about himself. The cause of the destruction we see on our planet is in ourselves, in our minds, in our bodies. The solution to the problem of destroying life on earth lies in raising awareness of our spiritual essence. It’s hard to accept that we’re not just this body. But irrefutable proof of this is that we will still have to leave that body one day. Our body is the vehicle we use to move around this planet. We are the driver, the conscious energy of the soul. The task of the advanced soul is to ride in this body around the planet, informing, supporting and energizing people and places, so that the earth is in balance of life.
Life on earth is the collective destiny of souls. There are personal karmic destinies of man but there is also one greater, general destiny of humanity. Destiny, of course, isn’t immutable, nor is karma, nor the body, nor life. Anyone who wants to change their personal destiny can do so by starting to look at life from the perspective of the destiny of humanity. In this way, the global becomes personal.
Every man is always called to good action, good karma and good love.
Time is on everyone’s side.