My lovely family 😍💗, starting this small corner of daily inspiration for you all. This is a teeny weeny post where I will be sharing some beautiful quotes, stories, poems or excerpts from some beautiful book… Hope you enjoy it!!☺️

Starting with a small story from “The Song of the Bird” by Anthony De Mello 


A disciple once complained,

“You tell us stories, but you never reveal their meaning to us.”

Said the master,

“How would you like it if someone offered you fruit and masticated it before giving it to you?”

No one can find your meaning for you.

Not even the master.


So isn’t life all about discovering your truth? For…



by Kahlil Gibran


Every single seed 

That Autumn drops into the 

Dust of the soil 

Has its own special way 

Of extracting the heart 

From the husk 

And of creating from it 

It’s leaves, 

Then flowers,

And then fruits.


Yet however their ways may differ,

The destination of all seeds 

Will remain but one,

And that destination is to 

Stand before the face of the sun.


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