These days I often find myself grooving to the catchy tune of ‘Manike mage hithe’, the song that took the internet by storm. It has mesmerized people all around the globe; gaining widespread popularity in a flash. When I first discovered ‘Manike mage hithe’ I never knew it was a Sri Lankan melody. It sort of had that Indian flavor. I felt an instant connect with the song and ardently began to follow it. As it gained global attention and attained limelight, it made me feel ecstatic. The more wonderful things I was hearing about it, the more cheerful I was feeling.

Why I was so jazzed, for the song whose lyrics I did not even understand. Was it because it belonged to a close neighboring country, or it had those few words that sounded familiar? Or was it because I was spellbound by the singer who sang it.

Have you noticed that sometimes we are drawn towards some people, whom we have never met? Or maybe, we have not even seen them. We must have just heard about the person and we become involved in them. Why do we feel content for people who are strangers to us; people whom we don’t know or are not related to; but we are so blissful about them. As these people climb up the ladder of success and began to flourish and prosper, we unknowingly get involved in their fame. We include ourselves in their triumph; and participate and wallow in their glory.

Why do we get pulled towards certain people?

The reasons could be many.

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* We are drawn to people who are very much compatible with us. It’s because we share some common interests and beliefs, this makes us feel good about them. We become more hopeful and bold. As the person acknowledges and appreciates whatever we have to say, there are fewer differences and clashes to face.

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* We have this wish: to be admired, recognized, and be well known in the world, but not everybody enjoys that status in life. So when we connect ourselves to someone famous, we feel as though we are living their lives. We are happy to live in that attractive and glamorous dream world. We get hypnotically absorbed in these people and they catch our attention.

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* Sometimes we get impressed by how an individual appears. The way the person smiles, walks or talks does fascinate us. We have a particular image in our mind and we want people to appear in a certain way. And when we see something that is gratifying, it makes us happy.

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* We share a special bond with some people. They are the ones who encouraged us and made us strong; consoled us in times of trouble and lent a helping hand when needed. They satisfied our emotional needs and gave us that affection. So when we come across people who are like the ones who supported us, they seem to be familiar and we get comfortable with them.

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*From time to time, we feel some elements missing in our lives. It might be the spirit of courage, or the attitude to face any adversities, or staying calm and composed in any challenging situation; or the jolly, happy-go-lucky nature and we search for these qualities in other people. And when we find someone possessing these traits, we get carried away by their charm. We desire them in our life. We kind of like them even if they are very different from us. It’s like opposites attract.

So these are some of the reasons why we get attracted to someone, or why we follow someone in life, or on social media, or any other platform. We rarely envy these people, despite not having the things which they possess. We are happy and proud of their achievements. We love to bask in their warmth and success.

So now spare a moment and think of the people you admire or are interested in. Ask yourself what qualities do you find appealing in them, that have drawn your attention? Do they fit in the points mentioned above?

And what do you think about the viral Sinhala song ‘Manike mage hithe’, Do you like it? 😊😊😊😊

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