I did two virtual yagnas on eighth and ninth Navratras during the recent NAV DURGA SADHNA with my husband. My today post is to express my gratitude and my post  yagna experience.  What will you consider the feeling of happiness, contentment and peace? Words can not explain that feeling, which I felt after the two yagnas. You have to live that moment to get that experience.


I have done mansik yagna with SWAMI JI, on the first Navratri. After this day, I was continuously seeking that MATA RANI would do some miracle and I would do real yagna virtually with my SWAMI. I have my own fears and inhibitions as I have been practising Buddhism for many years. And not following any particular daily rituals of Sanatan Dharma. But things started to change after meeting SWAMI JI in 2016. I progressed on my spiritual path steadily. Mantar Jaap and praying to Mother DIVINE became my daily routine. I  have done NAV DURGA SADHNA  in previous years also. Slowly my love and devotion for maa increased. In that proportion, my anxieties and fears decreased. This time I  was waiting for maa with the excitement of a baby. I was not able to express my feelings of joy to other family members. For them, Navratri means keeping fast for two days and celebrating ASHTAMI on the eighth Navratri, even earlier I also had the same opinion. No one can understand that for me this Fasting was A Feast.  And look, by HER GRACE I could convince my family about this SADHNA without any resistance. My husband agreed to do yagna with me and my mother in law joined us for poorna -ahuti. I and my husband watched the recordings of SWAMI JI performing yagna in the previous Navratras.


 I joyfully collected the material required for yagna. My husband cooperated and looked after the minute details. I was super happy that I am going to meet my SWAMI AND MAA. It was like blooming flowers, fragrant air and divine music all around[ as in Bollywood Movies]. Lively presence of Swami JI for two days, as if he was taking me close to MATA  RANI. Few lines from the Anup Jalota Ji’s Bhajan….

Jaise suraj ki garmi see jalte hue tan ko

Mil jaaye taruvar ki chhaya

AISA HI sukh mere man ko mila  hai

MAIN JAB see sharan teri aaya, meri maa.

I did editing by adding maa. The auspicious fire of YAGNA burnt much of my negativities, illusions, fears ego. I’m feeling so light and relaxed as someone has removed tons of weight from me. For me, this moment was priceless. I don’t know for how long, I will be in this state. The purpose of sharing my experience is…

  • To pay my gratitude to SWAMI JI
  • A minute effort to encourage you to move on the path of SANATAN DHARMA.
  • To share with you the feeling of Love, Peace and Laughter.

Lots of love and gratitude.

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