Anger, jealousy, complaints, resentment, expectations, and mistrust – an ordinary life revolves around these.

This happens because most of our life is spent practicing untruth.

Whatever the reason is – our company, situation, or nature, we are primarily used to using untruth in our speech and conduct. This untruth keeps the person in constant confusion.

Self-observation leads to the awakening of understanding in life, due to which the practice of untruth is automatically left.
Understanding oneself becomes a means of understanding not only others but also life itself.

To be able to see and understand what is as it is.
Being free from all insistence, prejudice, and your so-called knowledge, being able to experience a person, an idea, and a situation takes you closer to the truth.

Seeing the problem clearly becomes the way to a permanent solution, but this is possible only when the person searches for the truth.
Only the person who is in the company of truth can be stable and neutral.

To be free from untruth, to live a life of totality and coordination is to live the truth.