I want to confess that i am an introvert. I have also observed that many people of my os.me family are also introverts and many people here have even written about it. So, i thought that i should share my thoughts on introversion with my os.me family, so here it is.

I remember that in my school, i always sat in one corner of my class alone, just observing my classmates who had their own groups. Some of the classmates who were also my friends used to call me for having lunch together. But i politely refused as i felt suffocated by sitting on one bench with 2 or 3 more people sitting there. I spent my whole school time like this and even followed it in my college.

But i never tried to become an extrovert because you can’t really change the basic fabric with which you are made. I will anyday prefer happily reading and writing articles on os.me then attending parties.

I feel that introverts are the real saviours of the world. All the big CEOs of those trillion dollar companies are introverts. If you don’t agree with me then just see their lifestyles,do they read books daily to grow themselves or throw lavish parties after having fabulous quarterly sales and you will find the answer.

So, if you are also an introvert like me then have heart dear. Because you are already on the path of greatness. Even our dear Swamiji was an introvert when he was young and he have long stretches of solitude in the Himalayas even now. So, finally i want to say that we are at the heaven of introverts, which is os.me and with the grace of Swami Ji we will get rid of our insecurities, mental blocks and doubts. 

All glories to Swami Ji!


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