Is god everywhere?? 1
Covid has played havoc with many peoples health, wealth and emotional well being .My friend who turned 45 some time ago, gave up her job to follow her passion of painting. Things were going fine – both kids in college- husband getting a handsome pay – life was good. So she decided to leave her job and start painting. After all we all are taught to follow our passion. She was not earning anything from her paintings but she was happy. Then covid struck- kids came back home – as studies were online all fees had to be paid – even hostel fee. She was still okay till one day her husband was asked resign or take a big salary cut. Life was thrown out of gear and her faith in God was on shaky legs. In fact I used to get 30-40 minutes daily talk about how there was no God – no justice for good etc etc. I couldn’t find anything positive to tell her. Luckily she got her old job back. Telling her that God was being kind was a banned topic. Her work made her stay late in office. Because of various lockdowns there were hardly any people on the road when she used to walk back home. She used to be terrified and dreaded that walk. Suddenly one day a stray dog started walking home with her. He used to walk upto her gate and then go away. It started happening on a regular basis. Just with the presence of that stray she felt protected and safe. Till date that dog has been accompanying her. He doesn’t eat anything she offers. Don’t know how he knows what time she is going home but he is there every time she walks back from office. A miracle- Or maybe God to her rescue- don’t know- but as they say God works in mysterious ways. When I finally did mention it to her – she said -“ if God is there I wouldn’t have to go through so much tension and stress”. I had no answer for that. Maybe someone can guide me – why good people suffer??