Is It Okay To Do Nothing Sometimes? 

Musings of An Aching Soul

For the past few days, the cold has been causing me inconvenience. Mild fever, body aches, disturbed nights, blocked nose, intermittent coughs, and loss of appetite—have made me less energetic and less productive. The time has been spent lazily, listening to Om Swamiji’s podcast and just lying around. Then this thought came to my mind—Is it okay to do nothing at times? 

When you get ill, you also get mentally feeble. No? The state of the body has an undeniable effect on the mind. As it is true that the mind has an impact on the body. When I get ill, I mentally get more intense. Feelings of sadness, nostalgia, even emotional pain that I so efficiently manage, surface on my body during times of illness. It’s not humanly possible to always remain happy, in a good state of mind, or out of suffering. At the most, we can manage them. And when we get physically ill, it takes a toll on our minds as well.

I haven’t done anything significant this week. Only trying to survive. I want to know from you, what do you do when you get ill? How do you manage yourself? How do you take care of your mental health? Do you also experience sadness, depression, or suffering? 

Stay well everyone. Take care of yourself and others. If you experience mental issues, share it with someone. See, I am sharing with you. 

Take care. Jai Shri Hari 🍁

Thank you.
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