Jai Shri Hari everyone! 

It’s been a while since I last wrote a post. I don’t know why but I feel the need to not vociferously write and express my views and opinions at all times, anymore. I want to inculcate and imbibe as much knowledge as I can from various sources. The present period in my life encompasses a period of silent absorption. Having said that, today we are not here to talk about how I feel. Rather, it’s a thought that has been on my mind for a while now and for which I have received a response intuitively. 

Many devotees have known Swami ji for decades now. I don’t fall in that category. I always asked a question to myself as to how I would have felt if I had known him before? Before meaning when he was not as busy as he is today. What if I had the chance to spend quality time in his divine presence – would be have been more protective towards me or would he have guided / blessed me more?  Would he have connected with my thoughts more? Would he have listened to the gibberish I speak in front of his photo? Would he have guided me more? 

Some of you are aware that I visited the ashram recently. But you would have noticed that before I had met him – I wrote atleast 10 posts. However, after being in the ashram and returning from there, I posted only once. Am I lazy? Perhaps yes. But do I feel lazy in writing on os.me? Absolutely not. The profession that I am in, I am certainly expected to write quite a lot. Therefore, writing is never an issue. Now that brings me to the question (the response to which I shall be responsible for giving) as to why I haven’t been sharing my thoughts. The answer is visiting the ashram was deeply a personal experience. I cannot for the life of me fathom as to why during my 4 day stay there I felt as if I had been there for many years or more. I did not want to reveal about my meeting as well. My relationship with my master is both personal and private. My love for him is for him to know, alone. He is my everything. I am his. That’s all I know. I only know that I am dust beneath his holy lotus feet. Infact, I have never changed the bio beneath my name. The bio was written much before I met him. 

Now, coming to the questions that baffled me sometime back is whether he treats his devotees or his disciples differently based on how long he has known them or how long they have been in his physical presence. 

The answer I received (intuitively) is that he does not care whether you had known him 10 years back or couple of years back or a couple of days back. Infact he validates this statement of mine through a video (can’t seem to recollect which one though) where he says that some devotees might feel that Swami ji prefers them over others but that’s not the case. He adds that for him, he treats all his devotees equally and feels for them equally. 

Infact, his grace, love and blessings flow to everyone who trusts and believes in him dehors initiation or time spent in his divine presence. I am hoping I will be a worthy disciple of his when the right time comes and of course the link opens 🙂 I am coming to see you soon, my beloved Swami ji. 

For Swami ji to create miracles in your life, you just need to do what he advises you to follow through his posts and you will receive guidance either ways. In the month of April, I suffered from typhoid and he came in my dreams to bless me. I can give countless examples to prove how he guides us all. Am I worthy of his love? Yes absolutely – Because Om Swami (I have been touching my ears whenever I think or take his holy name) has taught me what is Self Love. Therefore, distance and time, is nothing for my master. 

My Guru, My Master, My Swami ji – he knows what I feel, what I struggle with, what I need to be blessed with – I just remain connected with him through my bhaav, my devotional sentiment. My bhaav for all I know can be deeply flawed according to other but for me it’s for the one I love. I only know how to trust my Guru, my source. 

For many others on this platform, I know quite a few have not met him personally. Please be rest assured that if you have started walking on the Om Swami path and keep marching ahead, his grace and blessings will always be there with you. He will never turn his back on you. Just keep following his teachings and connect with him. The connection ought to be beyond physical dimensions. I fell in love with my Guru even before I had met him. Therefore when I went in front of him – all I knew was that I had reached home and I can relax. I have put my head on Swami Ma’s lap and he is going to keep caressing my hair and showering me with love. A love that I perhaps would never be able to return in this lifetime of mine. Having said that, please don’t delay my Mukti Swami ji. I may not be able to return the love you shower in this lifetime, but I can certainly merge with you (you are my Universal Consciousness) and then no difference remains between your love and mine.

My love and gratitude to all of you, Mahamaya