Last year on my sister’s birthday, she introduced me to her friends. During the conversation, she revealed that I have also studied Jyotisha(Hindu Astrology). Her friends were intrigued by my interest in astrology despite having a technical background. Nonetheless, they started questioning me.

“What made you study astrology?” A tall girl in the group asked.

Anticipating the question, I answered, “Long back I visited one astrologer who predicted some untoward event and assured that the problem can be mitigated by doing some remedies. I became skeptical about the concept of solving problems by remedies and decided to learn astrology to know the truth”.

“So have you discover the truth?” A girl asked.

“Yes, in a way”

“Is astrology a science?” she asked.

“Yes you can say so since it is a branch of knowledge dedicated to the observation of astronomical bodies and impact on human life”

“Do you mean planets have an impact on us?” A lovely girl, who was intently listening to our conversation, asked.

“You won’t disagree that we need life-giving energy of Sun for the survival on the Earth. Moreover, many earthly cycles such as high and low tides, women’s menstrual cycles are determined by the Moon’s monthly orbit,” I made a point.

The girls nodded with approval.

“Do planets control our destiny?” One boy asked mockingly.

“This topic needs detailed explanation, why don’t you come on the weekend to discuss over a cuppa of tea,” I suggested smilingly.

He nodded while contemplating an idea.

Furthermore, to kindle the thought process, I asked, “Why do you check the weather forecast?”

“Mostly to get equipped before stepping out. For example, if it is going to rain then we can carry an umbrella or rain gear,” the boy answered.

“Similarly, astrology might help you to get prepared to face the situation rather than brooding over it,” I said.

“So are you suggesting that we should be at mercy of an astrologer?” the boy countered.

“No, not at all. On the contrary, if you believe in astrology, it is better to understand it rather than falling prey to astrologers,” I said.

By then, it was time for cake cutting and we all joined the birthday girl to celebrate the moment.

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