Dear friends,this is my first post and im sorry that it is not a very uplifting post but this is what i wanted to write about today.I am deeply disturbed and this has forced me to vent out my emotions on paper and the reason for this are my neighbours especially Lady Macbeth.I have taken this name from one of the posts on may well suffice to say that I am living how the tounge lives between our teeth.It all started to when we first came to live in our new 1bhk flat.For some strange reason the lady in the neighbouring flat wasnt pleased with us,maybe my face🤣.We tried to be our best to please her but all in vain.Slowly and steadily it turned for the worst.She would bang the door whenever we went out even to the terrace or downstairs,milk packets were pricked,diwali lights stolen and even our dustbin.But something worse was yet to come.We noticed that the corridor lights suddenly went out at night.We decided to keep a watch and found out that she was being visited by the husband of our other neighbour.I am not writing this to make people judge her or me as no one free of sins.It is just the truth and has to be written to give you all the perspective.We told the gentleman very politely not to switch off the lights.We didnt tell a soul about this ,not even his pregnant wife.After some weeks he changed his flat to some block.This is when her wrath fell on us.Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned in love.Dont know she was scorned or not but maybe she considers us the reason for him to move to the next block. I dont know how but slowly all the neighbours on our floor turned against us even those who were good friends.Even the servants who visit her house make faces at us.I had to stop my Sri Sukt sadhna because of this.There were taunts in between giggles that we have tantrik in our block.Loud songs were played when i started the havan.So not to complicate the situation furthur,i stopped the havan but continued with jaap.But today my municipal tax certificate has been torn to pieces.There were tax certificates in all the letter boxes but only ours was torn.Till now i was not taking this seriously but today i am scared.What if she harms me or my husband in some way??Thinking of changing our house soon but financial situation is making it difficult.Hope i can get out of this complicated situation soon and concentrate on the good things that life is bestowing on me.I have the most kind ,compassionate and loving husband😊.As Swamiji told in one video that we attract what we are.So maybe I am negative or maybe its my past karma.Or as Swamiji said not everything is pre decided.May its just the randomness of the universe that has put me in her way or her in mine.Thank you all.Sorry for the mistakes in my story.

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