Depression से of clingy death. Afterlife of suicide voidHello everyone!

Hope you are doing well,

Well lets get happy for us for being the most tollerence one, us ”women”!

     Hufff such a complex but the most simplest one isn’t it, I don’t know lots of things and one of it is that why a woman have to suffer emotionally much! 

At first our family abond us then with the passage of time partner does then same we found in children and at last the same from society.

      Neither we have any building blocks nor we are support of each other! Isn’t it beyond universe to suffer as much as no one else ever could do so.

Its so much tempting to watch broken heart and some empty life with cold blood!

Don’t know how to live with hazy identity and a fate that cannot be our.

        From year to year there you find defination of a great woman but why not any description about what kind of man an ideal girl deserve.

Yes she is soo perfect to mould herself but what is wrong with it if she flows in her own direction.

        Yes there is no restriction because we already live in boundary and no one ever tried to vandalise it.

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