It could always be better

Than what it is now

So we go around talking about what we never

Get, and how

We plan to spend our money

Buy a pet bunny

And a McLaren

And then it goes barren

Your bank account’s suffering 

From your extravagant spending

So now the one who was lending

Is just spending

And not your own money, either

It’s their cash that you’re giving away

Taking a loan, taking it away

So they take it away

Throw you on the street

So now your heart misses a beat

But you could’ve avoided

This utter disaster

Instead you could’ve thought

Something better

It’s too late now

Your life is in shambles and you’re done forever

There’s nothing you can do, so give up

‘cause time’s up, not coming back for you to mess up

Again and again

It’s all done, strike the final blow, so go

‘cause what you could’ve done was

Thought the other way

The grass is always greener somewhere today

Okay, but think about all the lawns

You’re above

You’ve mowed and shoveled, not a speck of snow

But you try to go one up

But the more you take the more you give up

And now

You’re done.