They say it isn’t easy,

To tame the head-strong stallion,

To teach it the do as it is bid,

To harness its strength to journey the way,

Before they meet the Bold One.

They say it isn’t easy,

To defang the snake and extract its venom,

To render it harmless and its weapon use,

To do good where harm was to be,

Before they meet the Kind One.

They say it isn’t easy,

To pull out the clinging leech,

Sucking the life blood causing pain,

Clouding one to think none else,

Before they meet the Positive One.

They say it isn’t easy,

To quieten the monkey and train it,

Running, jumping, swinging, jeering,

Unaware of its wastefulness and chatter,

Before they meet the Calm One.

They say it isn’t easy,

To let the bird free fly in the sky,

To free it from its golden cage,

Where it was put into by oneself,

Before they meet the Sage.

They say it isn’t easy,

To make the huge elephant bow,

Carry dwarves, ferry goods,

Be docile, faithful, loving,

Before they meet the Devoted One.

But it is all easy when one has found,

The Bold, Kind, Positive, Calm, Devoted, Sage, Swami,

The Stallion Body, Clinging Negativity Leech, The Venomous Senses,

The Elephant Mistrust, The Monkey Mind, The Bird Spirit,

All align to be One, One with the One Sage.

Notes: When I share my experiences about mindfulness and positivism, there are generally people who remark that it isn’t easy. The idea of this poem had started while I contemplated on this aspect. In His online Satsang on 28-Mar-2021, Om Swamiji stated that He would hand hold everyone on their journey. The words came and the poem took shape. Incidentally published on the day of Sri Hari temple consecration anniversary.