Ajay was working on his computer and was not able to match the statements and was a under stress due to the deadline by EOD. Rohan, who was his cubical neighbor, was taking a dig at Ajay and asking him Are you ok. And this was not a new thing for Rohan to treat Ajay as being an intern and from an economically weak family. The way he was fighting his fears and cons with the environment of the MNC was one thing he was more worried about. He was always pulled down for his accent, his dressing, his hair, his wardrobe, his shoes, his phone you name it and he was being bullied for it.

The main comments were.

·         Ajay from where you get your hair cut.

·         Ajay from where you get your clothes.

·         Ajay did you had a bath today.

·         Ajay how do you walk, eat, talk, laugh.

Even being the topper of the class and managing to grab a job in MNC.

This is a story of major students who move to metros and MNC for working and have to find a scape in the world of bullies. And we all have been a victim of these situation. Now coming back to the main topic, the following questions come in mind.

·         People like Ajay being different doesn’t have the right to be happy and work according to the way he wants to.

·         Does dressing cool is the way you perceive people.

·         Does eating habits make one judge a person.

·         Does the family background give one right to judge a person?

·         How to walk, talk, smell and laugh give the right to other to judge you.

Why is it so that we must live according to the norms of the society and why cannot we be humbler and more kind rather than dressing nicely, eating at good places.

Why is it so that we shout at people, and we portray to others that we are humble?

Why is it that we can’t be what we actually are and not try to pretend what we are not?

Why is that we are with the person we do not want to be with and not be alone.

Why is it that we can’t be ourselves and be true to the world and not hurting others?

I would close it with a question why it is not ok, if we say it that we are not ok. Why is it we must hide our emotions and not answer the way we want to.