“Almost 5.30 pm Ahhh…” I grumbled. It was an excruciating day. We were scolded by the college faculty, considering we underperformed. You know why Architecture rhymes with torture? Not a coincidence. My body gave up, my brain cells blacked out. All I wanted was my chai and some solitude with it. I was completely zoned out and numb, so much I didn’t knew if the world exists.

I packed my bag and left the studio. The bag on my shoulders with a huge T scale in it kept slapping the back of my head as I was coming downstairs kyuki zindagi kam bajaa rahi thi. The heavy portfolio bag in my hand felt so heavy, even gravity wanted to play on. Tingg!! That sound grabbed my attention to my right and wow I forgot we had a lift also in the building, I…… was on the ground floor and my studio was on the fourth floor guys….. yeah. I didn’t have my scooty that day. I called dad to pick me up and he was busy, and there were no rickshaws, obviously, I mean flow maintain hona chahiye. I decided to walk to the bus stop which is 17 mins away. I kept walking and suddenly “Hey Bhagwan!”, I growled. Just then a girl on a scooty stopped me, “Tu bus stop la chaalli ahes ka?” (Are you going to the bus stop?). She was a dusky 14 yr old girl with long curly black hairs. “Maajhya friend la pick karayala challi ahe mi, tula pan drop karel.” (I’m going to pick my friend up from the bus stop, I’ll drop you there.) “Thank you so much but main chali jaungi.” Trust me that’s not what I really wanted to say.  “Karte me drop”, she insisted again. She was a sweet little girl with compassion in her eyes and I was tired so I agreed. She dropped me at the bus stop. She said my bags looked very heavy and I look skinny so she wanted to help me. I didn’t knew what to say. I expressed gratitude putting my palms together with a face as if I’m about to cry. I found a six seater and reached home in time. I told my mom everything that happened. I went in front of the altar where my Bhagwaan was sitting with a beautiful smile on his face. “Main aapki laadli hu na?! Pata hai muje!!”, I whispered. My body released all fatigue as I took a sip of my chai and realised yes! my Bhagwan is always with me.

It was a wonderful day. Call it coincidence, call it luck, I call it my Bhagwan’s love. 

No matter what I will always have faith in him. He’s always there with us. He listens when we call him. No prayer ever goes unnoticed. He loves, he cares, he will prove it to you. Only thing is have FAITH cuz he’s all merciful.

Radhe krishna 😇

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