Burn all night

Bright light 

And a hazy sight

Smoke floating away, kicking away the frostbite

Flying kites

Where we’re going we believe in you

Life doesn’t run like counting numbers, one two

You can barely breathe one night

And you’re sick of your 20-20 hindsight

Come back, come back, here we go again

You just feel the pain

You don’t know how you’re staying sane

Just stand there

Wait for the smoke to blow

Cause you reap what you sow

Guess it ain’t enough to throw him to the crows

You better feel ashamed

I messed up today, I’ll never stoop so low again

Get the chills, now your back’s to the windowsill 

When it’s good we all want to go again

But when it’s bad it’s awful

I don’t even know your name

Yesterday was a different day

Come today, I don’t even know what to say

Make fun of me, say, say, say

Tear out everybody’s hair

You got problems, say it again

It really hurts, I’m supposed to care

But all I do is sit and stare

At what it’s all become

It’s a waste to think 

All that does is sink and make a weaker link

Cause I know yesterday is over forever

Never coming back

And today is a different day

Pour your heart out 

It’s over now, memory today

Life changed but I didn’t

Not enough for me to stay 

The way I am ain’t good enough today

The only thing I can do is jump in the bay

Cause yesterday is over it’s a different day