I Stand For Me Now

That bridge is burnt

Now I stand for me

I am not staying quiet anymore because I am learned
I am not acting humble anymore because I am successful
I am not going to listen to you anymore because I am going to say what I have to say
I am going to speak now, I am going to be loud and I will shout if that’s what it takes!

Now I stand for me.

I am pretty and I will own it. I will not cover up my shoulders. I will not cover my cleavage. I will not cover my long bronze legs.

I have an opinion and I will make sure you hear me. I will not shut up because you are older, men, aunt, uncle and I should respect you. Screw you! You hear me? Screw you patriarchy!

I will stand for me now.

I am alone. I love it here. My heart beats fuller. I smile deeper.

This rage is not anti-love. This rage is my heart from the pit of my stomach yelling for expression that has been systematically suppressed.

No more!

I stand for me now! 

Alone doesn’t haunt me… Alone embraces me. I am free to be me.

I will wear what I want. You don’t like it? Don’t look at it!
I will speak. You don’t like it? Walk away! For our paths are not meant to be!

I will stand by me first! If you don’t love me like this … Goodbye forever.

For I stand for me now.


P.S- This is just a rant and I need to vent it out. In the last 2 months… many such incidents happened where my way of life and my choices have been questioned in a condescending manner, and for the first time I do not want to ignore it. I am in a mood to answer back. I answered back to all those who hurt me… with facts, data and clarification. Bhains k aage been bajane ka kya fayada. But I need to express in a safe space and this space feels safe. 🙂