It is 2:00 AM, and my phone is continuously beeping. I am trying hard to sleep, and my boyfriend sleeping next to me is literally shouting. Oh, Mann !! Complainingly I tried to reach my phone with one eye closed. Thaaaap, my alarm clock fell from my table, and now my boyfriend has got up and gone out of the room and slept on the sofa in the guest room.

After creating all the mess, this phone is still beeping. I want to smash the face of the person behind all this. I opened my wats app and saw around 100 messages like (aa.fijkh,hfoapg,hfhodi,jgs) and only one real message. It’s none other than my own crazy best friend, sam.

Please send me all the pictures you clicked on a beach today morning, sam texted. What the hell, it’s 2:30 AM now; go to sleep, I answered. Oh!! She again texted, that you are showing attitude just because you have an iPhone. Oh, Mann!! Sometimes I feel it’s a sin to have an iPhone. I sent all the pictures so that I could sleep peacefully.

What the hell you clicked, this background is so beautiful, and you clicked the worst pictures she started texting. Out of 10, only two images are good. Ohh samm!! I will kill you if you send one more text. Ok, you can kill me but only at the beach with some good pictures. You could have asked me to stand somewhere else instead of standing in the mess of woods. I wanted beautiful and hot photos around the beach, not standing near on these dry woods and posing like this.

Samm!! We were drunk; you know that. Whatever the reason, this beach is beautiful, and I know you could have done a better job.

She is complaining and complaining. I blocked her till morning and went back to sleep.

It’s 6:00 AM, and she is standing near my bed. Wake up, Riya, let’s go back to the beach and click my good pictures so that I can post them on my wildr app.

Oh!!! She and her Wildr.

Keep smiling,

Thank you,

Riya Om

PS: This is a fiction story based on a prompt given by Medha ma’am in the workshop.