On this beautiful Sunday morning, May 23, 2021, while Rajesh was making tea for both of us, I was thinking that I will get few more minutes with Rajesh over our morning tea. Otherwise, there is always a hush hush of his going to office and he is super punctual. Not a minute here or a minute there. That reminded me of one of an incidence when we were at IIT (I will share that in my next post) and I got nostalgic of our college days.

So, here in this post, I am sharing few interesting incidences and coincidences or light moments, as you may say, ‘just like that’ (in chats we used to write ‘jlt’). Lol.

Why that tagline? Because, we have had coffee countless times together, few in Café Coffee Day that was in front of our IIT main gate campus (CCD, whose tagline I am using) and many at Nescafe inside the campus.

Here, it goes…

1) Orientation Day at IIT Delhi

I was at Dogra Hall with my papa waiting for my turn to complete the admission formalities. The hall was jam-packed with 300-400 students of different streams and their parents. I was very nervous as for the first time I will be staying away from my home at Kanpur (my birth place), far from my parents at Girls’ Hostel in a metro city, the capital of India, New Delhi. Anyways, as I was waiting for my name to be called, I got more nervous to know that my name was not in the list of my class. When I went to the concerned staff, I saw a boy there who was already talking to that person and telling that his name was also missing from the list. I took a deep sigh thinking I have a partner and I am not alone in this. I confidently approached him (the boy) and said, “Hey, My name is also not there in the list. We both are in the same class”. He smirked and left. My eyes rolled and I thought “He is full of attitude didn’t even say Hi, I will never speak to him again”.

2) First day of class

The class (batch of approx. 20) was addressed by Prof. Kashyap and he spoke at length regarding the brand name of IIT, we as IITians and our future and our jobs etc. As he was giving all that gyan of working hard and smart, not wasting time here and there, focusing and concentrating, evaluation system etc., he suddenly said, “But, we have someone here who has come just for holiday and vacation.” We all started looking left and right to find out who can that be. “He is sitting just behind all of you, he is from Indian Navy”. We all looked back together instantly and to my surprise it was the same boy and he gave me a broad grin. A naval officer in our class!! All eyes on him, both girls and boys. Professor left and all started talking to him, hovering around him except me as I had already decided I will not speak to him. Our eyes met and he smiled. 

3) First laboratory (lab) class

Prof Srivastava addressed us here and asked us to form partners for our lab classes. All started choosing their partners. I asked one girl, “Will you be my partner?” “No, I already have”, she said. I asked two more but same answers. I was wondering we all are meeting for the first time and so quickly they have found partners for themselves. I started sweating and spoke to myself, “See, that is the difference between you, a small town girl, and others”. All were talking to each other in English fluently. Later, I came to know that many of my batch mates were from the same previous college where they had done their bachelors’ degree together. Anyways, Professor came after 15 minutes and asked if all have teamed. All had partners except me and that naval officer who was standing at the other side of the huge table. Professor looked at both of us and said, “You both could not find anybody?” We both nodded in negative. “Will you both like to be partners, then?” We both said “YES”.

And thus, we were lab partners for the next two years.

What happened next?

Please read my concluding post… (here)


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