Many times I have typed these words – ‘Sri Hari’ in the search-bar box above – Member’s Post, in the last 2 to 3 months to search if anyone has written about Sri Hari. While I did say to myself everything is His manifestation, it’s all Him but my tiny attachment bone wanted to read about the one who stood in the sanctum sanctorum of Sri Badrika Ashram! I had not planned to pen down what all I have shared but this longing to read about Sri Hari got me to write this. It took a few weeks for this little piece to come about.

Think of a person so close to you. Your little child, loving mother or father, your partner or your buddy/friend or your pet; who has been there for you all the time. When you call their name the very tone with which you call them conveys what kind of relation/emotions the two people share. How beautiful is that! Swami ji also says when you chant a mantra, chant it so lovingly as if you are calling the deity of that mantra lovingly with each chant. We need to nurture the mantra with our energies of Love and discipline.

The first time I met Swami ji was in 2017, I had known Swami ji just for a week or even less than that, prior to my first meeting with him. I attended the meet, paid a visit to the temple and left. Having not known anyone it was a very short trip. This was the first time when I first saw those three words – Jai Sri Hari, on the plate that was struck on Swami ji’s meeting room. 

It said – 

Jai Sri Hari
 Swami ji’s Meeting Room
When 'jai sri hari' came alive in my being 2

I loved the seven petal icon instantly – so beautiful, colorful and vibrant. I smiled when I looked at it. And for Jai Sri Hari, I thought this must be a greeting all say to greet each other like Hare Krishna at Lord Krishna Temple. I quickly registered it in my mind thinking as I meet and greet others at the temple. The meeting room was so small and lovely, it almost helped me be at ease that being my first meet.

After that we paid a visit to Sri Hari. He was carved in black stone and I loved it. I have not been to Tirupati or any Lord Vishnu temple ever where He is carved in black stone. Oops, this is no temple. Sri Badrika Ashram is Sri Hari’s Home, His Abode. The temple is housed in His Home. At that time I had no familiarity of Sri Hari and Swami ji and in these three years of knowing and being aware of Swami ji and Sri Hari, my familiarity grew with Bhagwaan and the devotees as well. For Sri Hari, He not only is, more in my awareness, in some ways He grew on me! So we receive daily Darshan everyday – there are these committed devotees of Bhagwaan who are the admins and avail us these darshan everyday. Their disciple and commitment is not just humbling but also inspiring. I thank them. It may look like receiving darshan is one click away but kind of discipline it takes is a lot, that has been maintained for over the years in these groups. Thank you very much Admin. I owe you much that I describe and share in this blog. I truly do.

So, as I was receiving daily darshan everyday at one point ( for a week) I had started to see the darshan and scroll down. During that time I happen to visit ashram for an event. Going to temple and receiving Bhagwaan’s Darshan took several minutes.. I just said to myself, He is coming straight on your phone screen why can’t I see him for good two minutes! It is so silly if I do not behold his darshan with all my heart for 3 minutes at least! It is so sweet to meet him everyday through phone. Even if we are to consider those who stay at ashram, they also must have to nurture the routine with discipline to keep the love and charm alive, Isn’t it? It may well look that its a boon for those in ashram but the efforts and labour of Love is no less, probably its only more if one is closer to Bhagwaan.

As I started to take his darshan everyday for 3 minutes, only seeing him, expressions burst forth like I could never imagine.

Citing few below..

For Below Darshan this came about…

When 'jai sri hari' came alive in my being 3

The ⛅ Sun🌞 has a life.
May be million years of life.
But it ultimately consume itself.
The Dark Space prevails as the Sun ends itself,
that Dark space encompasses everything within itself.
That Black Space is more blinding then the Thousands of Sun shining together.
Such is the Shine and Aura of the Black Vigraha Sri Hari is seated in. 🌹🌷
And it’s too much for my eyes to contain since yesterday. 🙈😎👀
Jai Sri Hari 💙🧡💙 

I offered him Hymns / Flowers / Glances (in awe). Moment I saw Bhagwaan, an emotion or an offering burst forth and I offered the Goddess that for the day. 

One day when I saw Lord, nothing came to my heart… What to offer him..? I felt so disappointed in me. Just an hour after I stumbled upon the most joyous rendition of Sri Hari aarti by Hemanya and Bhavita  I knew that was my offering for the day. Initially the feeling of – this is not my creation took over then I felt okay not my creation but it’s too good and best should be offered to Bhagwaan. I loved it. The aarti is sung in best way, replete with innocence and joy. 

Valley of Flowers 🌸🌺🌻🌹🌷🌼💐

At one point, I was bothering Sri Hari with – How-Are-You-Feeling-Today-Lord! I would ask him so many things and say some. This was during Lord was adorned with two beautiful exotic Garland. It had so many flowers; profusely and in abundantely strung in it. I wondered and worried how is ashram procuring so many flowers for Bhagwaan and what if they run short of flowers next day as it was April’19 – lockdown period! So many questions!!! I felt bad for bhagwaan in case He heard them all. I kinda reduced all that chattering and then just a week from then Suvi ji shared with us a video showing Valley of Flowers at Ashram. There were so many flowers. Last event I visited at ashram, was during Devi Bhagvatam, at that time new saplings were just planted, the grass in the front of temple was newly transplanted. But I did not know of the valley of flower on the other side of the ashram premises. I relaxed about my worry of shortage of flowers. At that time I also went back to my picture gallery of 2018 Darshan to see the Garland which were offered and had frugal flowers in them. I felt so bad. Though I recently came to know plenty of flowers were delivered during lockdown for Bhagwaan by a devotee. Guess Bhagwaan answered my quizzical thought!

When 'jai sri hari' came alive in my being 4
The garlands offered during lockdown period

The valley of flower is nothing but grace of Bhagwaan. The flower bloom because of Him and for Him. 

When 'jai sri hari' came alive in my being 5
Lord’s darshan from 2018 when there were very less flowering plants around ashram…

Sometimes I wonder what kind of journey it is like for the one who has been making the Garland for Bhagwaan. Someone in temple was talking once that A lady made those flowers and they have no idea from where she collects those flowers and make Garland. At that time bhagwaan was offered multi color and multi-flowered Garland. I loved those Garland of assorted flowers. I felt as if Bhagwaan wore it with great charm and pleasure. 

When 'jai sri hari' came alive in my being 6
Multi-flowers garland. Such a delight…

When He shared His Pain –

On 12th july 2020, we had Bhagwaan darshan at around 07:00 a.m. I felt this sharp pain seeing Bhagwaan. I felt what’s wrong! Did I do something wrong, where is the joy! That was the time when I was bothering Him with – How-Do-You-Feel-Today-Bhagwaan? 

Morning 07 a.m. we received darshan and around 9 a.m. this news broke that Shelly ji crossed over to other side. I was stunned! Is this the reason I felt the pain? That day I offered Bhagwaan sunflower whose petals had fallen and I realized only after offering it to him. I was irked. As I always check it ten times before offering those virtual flowers.

When 'jai sri hari' came alive in my being 7
Fallen petals from the flowers 

 I felt like a loser. So kind of him to share his pain with me. Who was I? None! None at all. I am not even going to call it a coincidence! Swami ji and Bhagwaan was indeed kind to share their feelings with us. 

Here my stride of downloading flowers that matched Bhagwaan Vastram for the day had resulted in a huge collection of flowers – I had tens and tens of downloads. “Very Bad internet etiquette” – I said to myself and stopped. Few days after writing this (draft) post I found this blog (archives News) by Swami ji

How I lost 600,000 in 18 months

Blooming Hibiscus🌺: Here🌺🌺🌺


Can you believe this – from waiting for daily darshan; to see what is Lord wearing today to seeing that those colors like passing season (which are beautiful) to seeing them as the “season” passed and Lord seated in His equanimity in such surprising established way – to – seeing and feeling His meditative-ness. It was such a intense journey so far. Reading the book Om Swami As We Know Him, chapter – Bhagwaan, it was said that the temple was a foundation for well being of mankind for thousands of years to come. Think of this – Bhagwaan will be here we all would have completed this journey – at least of this body! How does Lord feel seeing each of His/Her child complete their journey – of the body and for some other of merging with source! Lord is all capable but not insensitive. I could not contemplate beyond that, I went silent for a week at this contemplation and this pain that emerged at this contemplation Bhagwaan seem to have gulped it! Bhagwaan is so dynamic. At the center of His glory is this deep immersive meditative state, this limitless joy, silence and bliss. That left me speechless. There are many times I am unable to receive or accept what Lord conveys. He does. Gently and caring way. He observe silently. It is such a limitless feeling to feel that He observe Always.

Vishnu Sahasranaam:

Reading the Mother Divine names from the devotees everyday had enthralled me it had elements of devotion/science/wisdom that can’t be contained in words. It has been a captivating experience reading them! With that the desire to read thousands names of Masculine principle set in…. Three weeks after that day one of the devotee informed me about the new initiative of learning Vishnu Sahsranama… I didn’t feel happy I was just waiting to read the nama!!! That waiting overpowered any excitement that could be. My whole being waited to read the words that shall be describing the Lord!

For the initial days the prelude and dhyan shloka were being shared I started crying thinking we won’t get to read the exposition of Vishnu Sahsranama like Lalita Sahsranama! I cried deep! Instantly Swami ji face flashed in my conscious – slightly turned red with tears. I didn’t want to see that even by the way of flash, I gulped the emotion I felt at that time so that that flash goes away. Was He aware of my impatience and yearning? I wondered! As I thought dhyanam shloka was the nama(s) and hence that response. I can not tell how beautiful are the expounding that we get to read!

During that time I shared few images of the Lord to the admin if they found it useful for the Vishnu Sahasranama, I was chanting Jai Sri Hari all the while… 

That was the moment, with every utterance of Jai Sri Hari I felt giggle, happiness, joy, serenity and everytime I say Jai Sri Hari.. Lord’s vigraha would invoke in heart space as if visualising the Lord vigraha. I could feel Jai Sri Hari. I could feel how my utterance of Jai Sri Hari was mere words without any life in it when I uttered them earlier! The elation of Sri and the loveliness of Hari and heart filled with happiness and surging joy!

I always felt that “Jai Sri Hari” is not a simple greeting. And yes I am yet to explore it. I am so glad we have Vishnu Sahasranama taught by Swami Vidyananda ji now.

When 'jai sri hari' came alive in my being 8
 some of the virtual flowers offerings
When 'jai sri hari' came alive in my being 9
This was the pic precisely that made me feel the bliss of jai sri hari

When 'jai sri hari' came alive in my being 10 Offerings to the Lord… 

After finishing this post this poem gushed forth like a full fountain. ⛲

I had shared this earlier.

Glory of His Love.

How can one be not grateful to Swami ji for allowing us to experience Lord Narayan grace in this way and form. Thank you Swami ji🙏

I hope it was a delightful experience for you to read about Lord as I experienced and Live with Him in my world.🙏🌷

Jai Sri Hari 😊😊😊❤

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