I was blown away by this young chap’s spirit, strength and wisdom. He says it all.

Thank you, John.

Follow the link here.


The channel is called Special Books by Special Kids. It’s one of the most heart-warming, eye-opening, inspiring, and interesting channels I’ve come across.

Perhaps it may strike a chord with you, too.



While I’m here, I would like to say a truly heartfelt thank you to those who have contributed towards Support This Author on this platform. Not just for myself but for all of the writers who share on os.me. There may be some writers who really need it; it helps with their daily struggles. And others, who are in a fortunate position, are doing so much good with it by paying it forward. My tears of gratitude in front of Sri Hari are not enough to show how much it means.

Yes, you are the mediums and everything comes from God and goes back to God, but it is your generosity and kindness that keeps the wheel in motion.

It’s unfortunate for me that the donors remain anonymous, I would love to have thanked you individually. Well, at least you know who you are, so I am sending you all a virtual bow and a loving hug. I’m sure Swami ji is smiling above you. Thank you so much!

Also, I apologise for my delay in responding to your comments on my previous posts. I have started to catch up. It’s been really lovely reading them, receiving the love and being able to write back to you all. Thank you!

And lastly, the kittens, Inna, Minna, Dikka and Guddia are all doing really well. They are so loving and rambunctious at the same time!

And it turns out that Guddia (Doll) is in fact, a boy, so we have two girls and two boys. The name, however, remains the same – Gender equality! 😄

Jai Sri Hari 🙏🏻