I was going through this diary that my partner Ankita gifted me on our 1st dating anniversary a few years ago. I usually write my journal in black and white but I have really enjoyed adding colors and designs. Ankita loves doing that and I hope to share a few with you.  

Journal reflections - 2 1
We stop appreciating those who love us. Their definition of love might be different but hey, let’s be kind and give others the benefit of the doubt. One of the quotes from Swami Ji that has stayed with me is “In Love, you become the one you love.” I still don’t think I fully comprehend the depth of what Swami Ji means. Perhaps one quote to remember in this journey of love?

Journal reflections - 2 2
We all travel don’t we? Time traveling into the future and past. For those who seek, know the amazing journey of traveling within, but we resist. Anyways traveling I think can be a spiritual experience. Especially to places close to nature. One of the things I am really looking forward to post pandemic is traveling to some of the beautiful places in Uttarakhand for trekking, hiking and visiting temples. 

Journal reflections - 2 3
When it comes to love, Kabir’s couplets are soul stirring. I especially enjoy Prahald Tipaniya on youtube who brings so much authenticity, his Marwari style is so unique. 

Journal reflections - 2 4
 The thing about change is often others don’t see or acknowledge. But we always know when we are going through change and transformation. I remember turning vegetarian sometime in 2014,as far as I can remember I am the only person in my family to be a vegetarian. Friends and family were like, oh you became a vegetarian, options must be limited na? My perspective had shifted but perhaps others weren’t able to see it, not that it matters much – that is everyone’s own prerogative anyways.

One of the quotes I loved recently on Black Lotus app is “Honor life for what it is – a blessing.” I think that’s what adding colors, designs in the process of journaling has taught me. Add some color in life, count the blessings and honor this life by a life well lived.

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